hi welcome to my site

i'm awe921, someone who likes doing things.

these things are in the Projects tab, but here's a couple of projects i recommend checking out.

little protip: hover over these thingies to see a description- this applies to a *lot* of images in here, as well.

PSA: If the aliased art looks messy or anti-aliased, try re-sizing your browser. It looks like a hardware problem from what me and a software engineer investigated, and 80% Firefox perfectly preserves the quality for me.

(Also because I kind of designed the site around myself, who uses a zoom lower than 100%. The site is also not mobile-friendly as a consequence of that.)


[13] 8/10/2023: do you like doom? well then you're in luck because i just released v0.1 of Doomverine Keep.

[12] 8/10/2023: perfectionists rejoice- i've lined up the height of the button sidebar and the contents of an actual page pixel-perfectly with each other. turns out the issue was that i put the window in the td area of a table instead of a div live everything else.

[11] 7/29/2023: fat trimming time: the updates page has been hidden from viewing as this little gadget here does the job more than well enough. to compensate, i've added a little number indicator to each update here so u can CTRL+F. i also removed the artfight banner, and removed the banners from pages other than this one.

[10] 3/30/2023: ABSOLUTE WHITE has been hidden from existence (and archived! don't worry), much like the White Witch herself.

[9] 12/25/2022: a christmas miracle has happened and Mechanical Funnies was blessed with a version 1.0.2. release


[7] 10/20/2022: oooh, spooky! it's halloweeen oooh. *twenty* gallery images are coming, i reversed the latest updates ordering and i added a good friend of mine to the credits.


[5] 8/24/2022: another gallery update. oh btw this should also be scrolling.

[4] 8/22/2022: the second random image should disappear if you zoom in enough. no more awkward clipping.

[3] 8/18/2022: more pictures were added to the gallery.

[2] 8/14/2022: randomized images below this little update log thing. hooray

[1] 8/10/2022: GALLERY OVERHAUL, minor updates to the main pages.

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