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the earlier updates were just marked with increasingly dumb previouses sooo no date for them. sorry

PREVIOUS-ER-EST-EST UPDATE: WOAH now i have THINGS that CANNOT BE DESCRIBED WITHOUT TAKING UP A CRAPTON OF SPACE so i have added... a funny little description box when u hover over the funny links.

PREVIOUS-ER-EST UPDATE: since people keep looking at my page i suppose i will make something to compensate for the disappointment they'll get from this. introducing the ramble rambles zone, where you can hear my rambling.

PREVIOUS-ER UPDATE: 1001 views...

i gotta do something COOL!


UPDATE: adjusted the credits. also, rambles zone has been sacrificed and destroyed and absolutely stomped on.

UPDATE: changed importing fonts into uploading them myself. this is an epic No External Calling moment.

UPDATE: 10,000 views!... i'm surprised people even look at this unupdated in a while site, to be honest. don't worry though- something big is coming to the Ideaverse, and maybe we'll have something other than the Ideaverse in those links below?

4/17/2022: home page revamp, alongside updates n stuff

4/20/2022: home page: dark resurrection, alongside finally updating credits and NOT reusing the ideaverse CSS for the gallery

6/5/2022: HOLY SHIT THERE'S SOMETHING TO DO BESIDES JUST LOOKING AT AN INCOMPLETE SITE AND 2 PIECES OF ARTWORK? there's now a Projects tab, and this marks the debut of Mechanical Funnies, a 5 hour jam game i made!

6/9/2022: Mechanical Funnies has a download to an updated version now. check it out

6/27/2022: i made another game! check it out! or more accurately, finished a game jam game that should have been finished like... a month or two ago. that statement will age this update very well.

8/6/2022: i made a short little story in 2 days. check it out.

8/7/2022: attempted to fix the spaghetti that was causing the sidebar on the update thing to freak the fuck out.

8/10/2022: the gallery got overhauled, and sidebars should be at consistent height now. main pages had their titles changed.

8/14/2022: random images from the gallery should show up now in the main thing.

8/18/2022: more pictures were added to the gallery, alongside adding a little background color thing for background-less pictures.

8/22/2022: the second random image should disappear if you zoom in enough. no more awkward clipping.

8/24/2022: another gallery update. i also fixed the overflow to actually work on the update log.


12/8/2022: WORLDWALKER IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Currently, only the prologue of Chapter 1 is available, but I hope you enjoy it anyways!... also the halloween update thing should have been listed here but pweh

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