Got reincarnated in the Wild West... Call that reintarnation.

Emily, what the fuck are you talking about?

Hey, no worries, Selfie. We're probably hilariously small or completely misformatted. I estimate a 12% chance that no one will be able to read us properly!

Bad news, Emily. They can.

Well, can they horizontally invert themselves?!

Can't hurt to try.



Oh, I don't think I can handle more than one CSS transform.

Alright, that's enough fooling around. Let's put ourselves in a fine, dandy and proper table.

Like this!
I'm still rotated. Help.
Aaaand there we go! Aaaand there we go!
Holy shit, we're in Undertale! Holy shit, we're in Undertale!
That text misalignment is such a pain though...

Maybe we can put our text below our images.

Well yeah, but the gap looks awkward now, doesn't it?
Hey, wait a minute.
What if I did something like this?
Heck yeah... wait.
We... already were doing this...
We're also misaligned, based on the length of our messages.
Oh, that's easy peasy! Let's see...
This checks.
Alright then- what about the panels?
We still haven't figured out a size yet.
Then get on figuring it out! Sheesh. I'll do a mockup whlie you do it.
Here's the top.
Here's the bottom with the text.