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(not anymore, though)

This unlucky cartoon's luck one day turned upside down when he stumbled upon a lost cache of the Moon Empire's weapons AND managed to somehow use them. Now, Unlucky wanders down the sublevels of the Idea's End in order to get stronger, gather more people that would be willing to aid him in his great escape and blast some fools in the face!

The weapon cache that Unlucky looted contained a rocket launcher and a handcannon, manufactured with the Moon Empire's signature nanomachine technology. Due to this, both guns are able to shoot out more than just rockets and bullets. These include shotgun blasts, laser beams, landmines, sticky bombs and even a drone to add just that little bit more of firepower.

Unlucky's cartoony nature is a godsend in the Idea's End. Things like being bonked, being set on fire or being sliced in half really are nothing to him, and he can always retaliate with a mean right hook. Who knew lugging high tech nanomachine equipment made for such good exercise?