Trouble Inspector

Self-Declared 'Trouble Inspector'

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[=] Who's this self-declared inspector? [=]

1. The older brother to Discboy. This young fellow makes a living for himself in a world gone mad by solving people's problems. He exclusively targets little, small problems such as paperwork or socks being lost, finding out what causes those noises at night and delivering mail.

2. Of course, his quests are about as stable as the world he is in (not stable at all), so the paperwork is sentient, the socks are sentient (and have guns), the noises at night are caused by end-of-the-world cultists and he ends up travelling through half the world just to deliver his mail.

3. When push comes to shove, the inspector usually wields a rapier/rifle combo to defend himself. Unlike other Humanoids, Trouble Inspector completely lacks the ability to cast magic, though he is able to use it to a limited extent by using enchanted weapons, such as his rapier; anyone who gets struck by it will find out that their armor means nothing to it's stab!

4. He greatly values his brother, and Discboy reciprocates. The two always work together to solve people's problems and their abilities cover for each other's blindspots. He covers Discboy's lack of physical hitting power with his precise shots and fierce stabs.

[=] Other stuff... [=]

AGE: 17

SPECIES: Humanoid. Lacks magic like an Earthwalker. How curious...


OBSERVED SKILLS: Competent swordsmanship and gunplay, high amounts of endurance

WEAPONS: Worn Rapier, Repaired Hunting Rifle

EQUIP 1: Red Clothing

EQUIP 2: Cool Tophat

LIKES: Loot, Discboy, adventure, his tophat, helping people, investigation

DISLIKES: Scamming people, bad people, leaving others behind

HOBBIES: Fishing (self taught, watched others do it) and growing plants