I'm obligated to inform you that the lore in pretty much every page of this part of the site is OUTDATED!

Rrrr... What do you mean outdated, you ask? Well...

This whole thing's being revamped. Again.

Turns out that the namesake concept of this 'verse was incredibly restrictive story-telling-wise and didn't matter much outside of like, 2 stories in it. So the lore is currently undergoing major reworks, and that means pretty much every piece of information past this page is probably no longer accurate.

And it's been a while since this site has been updated at all... Beyond me is some seriously outdated lore-wise stuff.

But we're coming up with something better, and this site will look different! In the future! Totally!... I hope it atleast happens this year (2022)...

The name is staying though. It has a nice ring to it~

So now that you're informed about IMPORTANT THINGS, feel free to go ahead! Or- if you want to not scroll through this, just click on the picture up there.