Uplifted and Transhumans

Humans and animals are fundamentally different from ideas, to the point that the Ideas were considered a 'third party' to the two. (Which had the consequence of letting you hook up with monsters, robots and Lord knows what else as long as they are able to give you consent & are intelligent enough to do so.)

That asides, both human and animal are able to become something more akin to an Idea. Best described as a hybrid-like form, this state can be achieved via many factors- for animals, enough exposure to either 'belief' or magic, contact with magical artifacts or getting hit by a spell. Meanwhile, it seems that the Humans gain that state by literally doing anything. There's reports of becoming transhuman via simply learning a magical spell, being struck by one, born Just Like That, traumatic experiences and what else is out there.

An animal that has reached this state is called an 'uplifted', while a human that achieved this state is a 'transhuman'.

Transhumans and Uplifted are different from ideas- instead of being entirely made out of the Ideaverse's energy, they possess both the natural biology of a human or an animal and are partially infused with it. Because of that, they reap both the benefits and disadvantages of being organic VS being an idea.

Due to the way they originate, humans and animals from generations before the Contact have a much harder time achieving this state, requiring prolonged exposure to the Ideaverse's energy to even gain the potential in the first place.

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