What if an Idea gets fatally injured?

Short version: They can get better.

Long version: A long time ago, Ideas were at the peak of their magical power; an Idea that was mortally injured back then usually could come back from the dead, and that ability was common among the magical creatures. However, exposure to the Earthwalker's physics and laws eroded that ability, much like how the Earthwalkers' ability to negate magic eroded from exposure to the Idea's magical shenanigans.

Nowadays, an Idea's willpower has to be strong enough to overcome death, which is not an easy task. Even if an Idea successfully resurrects, they still fully experience death and the magical energy demanded by the resurrection process greatly weakens an Idea after they resurrect. Alongside that, attacks from Earthwalkers or pure Earthwalker weaponry are able to mess with or outright negate the resurrection via their magic-nullifying properties, which made them valuable assets in these conflicts.

An Idea that fails to resurrect instead manifests in the higher levels of the Idea's End. That doesn't mean much if the Idea is strong or resourceful enough to climb through it's Sublevels, due to the giant hole in the first Sublevel's sky that the First Drifter made. Then, after escaping, they usually rob a spaceship or do a leap of faith and drift back into a random world. So if you're strong enough as an Idea, death shouldn't be too much of a concern to you.

(Additional notes: There have been rumors of Uplifted and Transhumans [They're idea-hybrid normal animals and Earthwalkers respectively.] being able to perform the resurrection process, though as mentioned, they are rumors.)

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